SPETSKOLOR - paint and coating materials for industry, agriculture and domestic use, seed dyes and seed incrustation
Paint and coating materials for industry, agriculture and domestic use
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OOO «SPETSKOLOR» is the first designer and manufacturer of colour concentrate for incrustation of seeds of various agricultural crops in Ukraine.

Our products have been known in the market under the brand name «SEMIA-COLOR» since 2008. The experience has allowed us to create a product that meets all modern requirements of agricultural producers and processors and is highly competitive with the products of leading international manufacturers, but still to keep the prices adequate..

Seed incrustation allows to achieve the following results:

  1. Improvement of the presentation of products and reaching the level of the leading seed companies in the world;
  2. Improvement of the parameters of the seeds;
  3. Prevention of the powdering of chemicals (disinfectants, growth stimulants, etc.) after drying;
  4. Increase of the visibility of the seeds that enables to control the seeding parameters (the number of seeds per unit area etc.);
  5. Ability to prevent the use of the seeds treated with agrochemicals for other purposes.

Our products are fully compatible with all the major types of agrochemical additives (disinfectants, growth stimulator etc.), which allows to carry out seed treatment in one cycle without further pre-drying (so the seeds can be packed into the final container immediately after the incrustation).

Understanding the specifics of our agricultural market, OOO «Spetskolor» has developed two types of colour concentrate for seed incrustation: for machine and activator seed treatment. Due to the application of the latest innovative technologies, the quality of the coating corresponds to the samples of the leading international manufacturers, while the prices are kept reasonable.

Colour concentrate for seed incrustation «SEMIA-COLOR» is extremely simple in use and is completely environmentally safe product. The customers are provided with full technical support.

We are able to create a specific colour range to highlight the individual and recognizable style of your brand.