SPETSKOLOR - paint and coating materials for industry, agriculture and domestic use, seed dyes and seed incrustation
Paint and coating materials for industry, agriculture and domestic use
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Limited Liability Company «SPETSKOLOR» is one of the leading manufacturers of paint and coating materials in Eastern Ukraine. We specialize in the supply of high quality paint and coating materials, primarily for industrial consumers: engineering, energy and construction companies and organizations, as well as agrochemicals for crop production.

We produce and sell a wide range of paint and coating materials. In the process of production we use only high quality materials of European and domestic manufacturers. The equipment used for the manufacture of paint products allows to achieve quality that fully complies with all regulations and standards operating in the territory of Ukraine. A laboratory performing continuous quality control of raw materials and finished products operates in the company.

OOO «SPETSKOLOR» is ready to deliver the following types of paint products to your company:

  1. General: enamel, oil-based, water-based and latex paints and varnishes
  2. Special: enamel, enamel primers and primers
  3. Agrochemicals: colour concentrate for incrustation of seeds

We are ready to supply paints and coating materials of any colour (at the request of the customer). We also provide on-going technical support to our customers, as well as a flexible system of cumulative discounts and bonuses.


The quality of the products manufactured by our company is proven by time and feedback of our partners. OOO «SPETSKOLOR» complements the supply of paint and coating materials with a complete package of technical documentation (certificate of product quality, technical description, recommendations for use, etc.)



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